Rosemary Radar (8/19/19)

The never-ending grind begins this Wednesday.

Man, it felt weird not to Brew yesterday! I don't think we've missed an episode in at least two months. But life happens and sometimes you need a little bit of a recharge but we're already back to planning next weeks episode and we'll have a bunch to talk about - two weeks worth of stuff, essentially! I saw Good Boys over the weekend so I'm excited to talk about that, the new Oso Oso album and so much more. So be there!

Rad looks rad! That comes out Tuesday and I'm pretty into it. I'm not sure if I'm actually going to pick it up simply because of everything else I'm going to have to play in a very, very short time but if you're looking for an indie title to get you through the rest of August, look no further!

Honestly, what I'm most looking forward to this week is the NBA 2K20 Prelude Demo. For at least the last couple years they've released these demos as a way to get started on your MyCareer in the NBA 2K series and play the first hour or two so that when the game is actually released, you're good to jump right into the neighborhood and dunk on some fools.

Really excited for new music this week - outside of what I actually have listed, we've got a new single from The 1975 coming this week prior to them headlining Reading & Leeds this weekend. The song is called "People" and it's probably gonna be the best song I've heard all year. Quote me.

But from what I DO have listed, we've got new albums from Brockhampton, Taylor Swift and Noah Gundersen. And trust me, this week's Brew will ABSOLUTELY address the whole Lover/Lover situation and get to the BOTTOM of this situation.

But that's pretty much it - a slow front end but an extremely exciting back end (ayyee) this week. Also, obviously worth mentioning, Gamescom starts today and for the first time we've got some live streams to pay attention to! A bunch of indie titles that are coming to the Switch will be talked about starting at 9 AM today, there's an Inside Xbox presentation at 11 AM, Google Stadia will show off some more of their new service at 1 PM and Gamescom's first opening night livestream will begin at 2 PM. Fun stuff! Really excited to see what gets shown.

See you guys - have a good week!