Rosemary Radar (9/16/19)

Link is awakening and Apple is a-launching phones!

Football, am I right? Man, the Giants are just hot garbage this year - so much that I’m starting to wonder if I should even waste three hours of my life every week watching them play when I’ve got a grind to tend to in NBA 2K20. And Borderlands 3. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU, ELI MANNING.

But really - it was a nice relaxing weekend and today is my wife’s birthday so we’ll be taking the night off of a Rosemary Plays stream but plan to be back tomorrow with some gameplay from the Neighborhood!

My recommendations for this week are highly recommended, by the way. The new (Sandy) Alex G album is wonderful, the new Denzel Curry and Slowthai tracks slaps somethin’ nasty, Borderlands 3 is tons of fun and The Chef Show is delightful. Consume what I recommend! Consume it!

So. This week.

Castle Crashers remastered hits the Switch on Tuesday and that game is so good. I played it on the Xbox 360 back in the day and am also debating on picking it up again to play here. I definitely recall riding on some animal that makes shits when you ride it so if that doesn’t convince you..

Wednesday - not listed is the fact that the SEGA Genesis Mini comes out that day - you know, the one that’s officially licensed by them. I’m excited to jump into some Sonic and such on that system - nothing feels more nostalgic to me than that.

What IS listed is the fact that American Horror Story: 1984 premieres that day and I’m honestly more excited for this season than I have been for any season prior to this. It’s right up my alley during these fall months - something spooky, slashy and hella Halloween-y. Bring it on.

Thursday is a big day for Apple users - iOS 13 is out that day so all of our little iPhones are gonna look different - mostly in the department of the Apple Store with the addition of Apple Arcade which is free for thirty days. So everybody should check that out because that’s 100 GAMES FOR FREE.

And Friday - the day of all days! The Nintendo Switch Lite officially releases alongside the Link’s Awakening remake and Untitled Goose Game. What a pair! But seriously, you should check both of them out and if you love portable game systems, pick up a Switch Lite because it’s cute and practical and with it you can play some of the greatest games literally ever made.

Also on Friday we’ve got Ad Astra, a film I’m very excited for, a new album from Blink 182 and Between Two Ferns: The Movie on Netflix!

So lots to be excited for, guys! Not to mention the weather is great and pumpkins are everywhere!

Everywhere except my back yard, that is.

More on that in this weeks Morning Brew. It’s real upsetting.