Rosemary Radar (9/2/19)

The season of video games is finally here! Hoops and shoots!

It’s Labor Day! Which means that this weeks a little whacky but not it’s not necessarily a bad thing! We didn’t do a Morning Brew yesterday but that’s because I was up at my camp as I usually am over the holiday weekend. But we’re going to make up for it in hour or two. Casey and I are planning on doing a Morning Brew on this Labor Day morning followed by an early morning Rosemary Plays - back to back! I’ve got a Fantasy Football draft this evening so this way, we can get everything done ahead of time and my fake football team doesn’t interfere. So if you typically watch it on YouTube or listen to the podcast not live - it’ll be up this afternoon once I get it edited and posted!

Aside from that, I spent my Saturday working on some music and catching up on some games. Knights & Bikes is super fun, Blair Witch is hella spooky and I finally got to messing around with Devil May Cry 5 which I'm not really sure is for me!

Also, Lana Del Rey’s album is fantastic but anyways - on to this week!

Spyro The Dragon: Re-Ignited Trilogy hits Nintendo Switch on Tuesday so if you’ve been waiting for it to hit this platform to finally play - BUY IT. Then maybe we can get more Spyro games.Also, Final Fantasy VIII is getting released that day for all platforms if you’re into that stuff. I’ve still never played a Final Fantasy game sooooo yeah.

The first day of Football is on Thursday! We’ll see the Packers face the Bears to start things off and I couldn’t be more excited. Football means Fall and Fall means the best time of the year. I even went out and bought some Cold Press Coffee Pumking and regular Pumking from Southern Tier on Saturday in preparation. Gonna be a fun week.

Friday is cool - we’ve got It: Chapter Two hitting theaters so I’ll have to drag my wife to see that shit with me and watch her fling popcorn all over the theater in fright.

Oh, and a little game called NBA 2K20 comes out which is honestly one of my most anticipated of the year. There’s something so fun about grinding up your little MyTeam guy, linking up with friends for 3 v 3 games, buying new clothes and keeping up with all the different events they have going on around the park. And the fact that this year will have changing seasons and shit like that? Get out of here. I can ball around with pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere and then again with snowmen and wreaths? Best game ever.

That’s also the day that Gears 5 comes out which I look forward to trying out. I’ve never been a huge Gears fan at all but the fact that it’s on Game Pass gives me the opportunity to check it out because had it not been for that program, I definitely would not have.

And that’s about it! One of those weeks where not a lot is coming out, but the things that are will be fantastic.

I’ll see you guys over on Twitch!