Rosemary Radar (9/23/19)

If you like network television, have I got the week for you!

I didn't watch the Emmy's last night. Usually I do but I had a wedding to do to and really did not feel like going back and watching a three hour award show when I could just look at the results online and save myself that time. Marvelous Mrs. Mazel and Fleabag won everything - two shows I don't watch. Bill Hader won for Barry, awesome. But no shows that I really love won much of anything and maybe that says more about my taste in television than anything else.

Anyways, point being - the 2019-2020 television season can officially kick off now. On my list I've got Halloween Baking Championship starting tonight, It's Always Sunny, Single Parents and South Park starting on Wednesday, Superstore, The Good Place and Sunnyside starting on Thursday and some others thrown in on a few random days that I'm going to give the one epsiode try-hard to see if it's worth sticking with.

It's exciting though! I can't wait to have these to look forward to every week and to top it all off, we'll have Saturday Night Live on Saturday as well.

Aside from all of that, Child's Play hits DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday which I can't wait to check out. I was hoping it'd be here by Fall so I think I'll watch that later this week - jump start that spooky season.

PlayStation's State of Play stream happens on Tuesday and I've got some high, high hopes for this one. While I don't see them discussing anything about next-gen, I believe we will get a release date for The Last of Us Pt. II and a couple other surprises as well. And here I am, sitting here hoping for a Little Big Planet 4.

Or maybe Skate 4. Just kidding. But seriously.

Also let's not forget that on Wednesday Mario Kart Tour will be out and we'll all be struggling to keep up with our work while we racer each other on the toilet. Can't wait!

And lastly, I think we're getting a Kanye West album on Friday? It seems so up in the air but all signs point to the fact that it's coming. Will it be a straight up gospel album? Will it be a standard Kanye record with gospel influences? Will he rap at all or will it just be singing? NOBODY KNOWS. Literally nobody. But it's got me excited.

Now let's watch some TV! And catch up on some games since none are really coming out this week!