Rosemary Radar (9/30/19)

At any point this week just input "KANYE WEST ALBUM"

It's another one of those weeks where literally everything is coming out on Friday - which makes sense, honestly. Because now that all of the tv shows are back on the air, Monday through Thursday is pretty filled up with other stuff going on. Not to mention that the world of wrestling is about to get WILD this week.

Straight up we've got the premiere of Raw on Monday with a new set, new theme, new music, new look, new commentary team, etc. Then on Wednesday we've got NXT and the debut of AEW on television. Followed on Friday by SmackDown on FOX with the same sort of new features that RAW is getting. What a time to be a wrestling fan.

We talked about it a bit on this months episode of Party Crashers (a gaming podcast? talking about wrestling?) Yes, whatever sue us. Alex and I are super excited.

Oh yeah, that reminds me - we've got new episodes of Party Crashers and The Morning Brew up now and we're recording Funny Business this week. So much is happening but it's all FUN.