Rosemary Radar (9/9/19)

I wonder if (Sandy) Alex G is excited about Borderlands 3. Somebody ask him.


Essentially, that would sum up my weekend. Playing NBA 2K20 - trying to keep that even record in the park like the chump that I am - and watching football. But straight up, the Giants are terrible, my fantasy football team is even more terrible and it's only week one. Gonna be a long season, boys.

I also went and saw It Chapter Two which definitely wasn't perfect - it had it's flaws, for sure, but the casting was wonderful and I thought everyone did a great job. It simply doesn't hit the same way that the first one did. The story just fits better when children are the subject matter - as adults, they basically acted like children so, like I said in this week's Morning Brew, I almost which Pennywise didn't return every 27 years and instead it was like..every three. So we could have just used the same kid actors and told an extension of their story as opposed to these adults that haven't spoken to each other in a couple decades. Some club, y'know?

Anyways - worth mentioning that Tuesday is the Apple Event where Apple is expected to announce their new line of iPhones, Apple Watches and whatever the hell else they have up their sleeves. Also expect updates and official release dates for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. I'm pretty excited. I don't think I'm picking up a new phone this year but I'm more interested in the other stuff anyways.

Wednesday is September 11th so there's going to be a bunch of specials and news coverage on remembering that day which I'll probably find myself watching. HBO has one specifically called "What Happened On 9/11" that may be worth checking out.

And then immediately after that on Wednesday we'll have the Democratic Presidential Debate which I'm most interested in because I want to see Bernie and Biden up on the same stage for the first time this election season.

Friday we've got a new season of The Chef Show hitting Netflix which is great because that show is just kind of a delight. If you just want to watch some famous people casually making food and having conversation. It's like watching Thanksgiving dinner being made by your uncle and his friends. Or something like that

Also on Friday is the new (Sandy) Alex G album and that dude is one of the most underrated talents in music so I can't wait to see what he does with this record. The singles so far have been all over the place in the best way possible so it'll be fun to hear it in full with the proper sequencing.

For games? Well, one I have zero faith in, Daemon X Machina releases on the Nintendo Switch on Friday. Both demos I played simply were not any fun so I don't know how this one's going to go over. On top of that we've got Star Wars Pinball which looks like a good time for any fan of Star Wars and also simple, yet addicting gameplay mechanics.

Oh, and also a little game called BORDERLANDS 3.

I haven't played a first person shooter in a while - they aren't necessarily my first choice as I find myself leaning more toward anything third person - I just really prefer that perspective. However, Borderlands gets me in a way that other games don't based on art style alone. The hand-drawn aesthetic of that game, the colors, the outlines around every surface and character - it's just fun to look at. And to have that, plus the humor and the fun that the games pack in as well - it's a good time. Plus we can slide now, guys!

Expect some streams of NBA 2K20 throughout the week and then some Borderlands after Friday.

And keep up with The Morning Brew for updates on how my fantasy football team is doing.

Spoiler: it's bad.