Rosemary Radar: A Paul Rudd Show Featuring Paul Rudd!

Check out some of the biggest releases headed your way this week!

I spent so much time last night editing podcasts that I can't stress enough how badly I want you to LISTEN TO THEM. For real though - Casey and I talked about a lot of good stuff on The Brew this week and this years SPOOKY BUSINESS episode is live as well! I made that one extra spooky with tons of Halloween sounds and transitions and stuff. If you're a fan of Halloween, there's plenty of stuff there for you, If you're not, well, first of all grow up and second of all there's plenty of non-Halloween related stuff in there as well!

I finally saw Joker, by the way, and you can hear me talk about what I thought of it in both podcasts this week but spoiler alert: I loved it. I loved it so much. Also Concrete Genie is a beautiful game that everybody should play asap.

But let's look at the week ahead!

On Tuesday, Overwatch and The Witcher 3 both get ported over to the Switch and I'm genuinely curious to see how both of them do as far as performance is concerned. One is a multiplayer-heavy title that can't be dealing with any sort of latency existing within Nintendo less-than-great online infrastructure while the other is a giant open world gamer with stunning graphics that will obviously need to be dumbed down a bit.

We're also getting Little Town Hero this week which, if I'm correct, is Game Freaks first game they are releasing that isn't a Pokemon title. So it'll be interesting to see how they do outside of their comfort zone. It's also not a full blown $60 game so I'm also curious to see how in depth it even is. Maybe it's awesome, who knows. Either way, they've got Pokemon releasing in one month so even if it's a failure, they'll get their funds back, lololol.

Jackbox Party Pack 6 releases this week and at this point, I can't keep up, man. I still haven't purchased the 5th one, let alone have I played enough of the first four. Who spends that much time with their friends?! Either way, if you do have lot of friends or roommates or something and find yourself often playing games with them, full send on this one.

And finally on Friday we're looking down the barrel of a new Jimmy Eat World album which is pretty awesome considering that it was just announced literally a couple weeks ago. I love albums with fast turn arounds and Jimmy Eat World has been one of those bands from my childhood that actually stood the test of time so I'm always excite to see what they do next.

Living With Yourself is a new Netflix film starring Paul Rudd that, from what I've seen thus far, has gotten pretty decent reviews. Plus it's fucking Paul Rudd and who isn't ever down for more Paul Rudd? I also don't think we've really had many Netflix movies that stack up evenly with theatrical releases so I'm hoping this is one that kind of stands over the others and gets a little more recognition.

And lastly, we've got a new Zombieland movie coming out on Friday which is great because I love Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone so seeing them in another film together after their careers kind of took off since the last one, is exciting. I haven't been too impressed with the trailers, however, but maybe it's just one of those movies that's better than it previews.

We're winding down on October, guys. Just a couple weeks until it's Halloween and then we're in the thick of the holiday season. Things may die down here for a bit in December so we can all enjoy the Holidays but rest assured, we aren't going anywhere!

Enjoy your week! Play Concrete Genie!