Rosemary Radar: Harry Styles, The Game Awards & Christmas!

Check out all the biggest releases coming this week!

Guys, Crash Team Racing is the real deal. I regret not playing more of it when it launched because, man, what a difficult but rewarding video game. It’s crazy how much I still adore those Crash and Spyro games from my childhood especially in their remastered formats. That stand head to toe with any other game for me and honestly, toss me onto a desert island and tell me I can only have a few games to choose from and I’d pick them any day.

Which is why I’m so excited for this week - not just for the next Grand Prix in CTR to start, but for both PlayStation’s State of Play Event and the Game Awards to see what sort of announcements will be made. How does that relate to Crash, you ask? Well, it’s been long-rumored that Crash 4 is being worked on and I feel like a reveal is imminent. And even if it isn’t - we’re heading toward next gen and have no idea what a launch lineup for either PS5 or Xbox Scarlet looks like outside of Halo Infinite on the latter console so any time news is expected, the hype level is through the roof.

It felt good to be back to the Brew this week - Casey and I pulled off a good one for you with a bunch of fun topics and we had some new names in the chat all the while - welcome aboard, new friends and we hope you stick with us each and every week moving forward.

Now let’s take a look at the week ahead - just don’t expect much because the Holidays are drawing very, very near so there’s not much coming.

There’s a Michelle Wolf standup special hitting Netflix on Tuesday and I’ve grown to like her a bit so maybe I’ll check that out. I really appreciate all the influx of comedy specials we’ve been seeing recently, spread out amongst Comedy Central, Netflix and HBO. I have a huge soft spot for standup comedy so it’s always nice to see one with a familiar face.

As I stated above, The Game Awards are Thursday and honestly, the awards are alright, but it was kind of just a “good” year for games, not a great one, so I’m more so anticipating the announcements and reveals this year - hoping for some real surprises to get me even more excited for 2020 - which I honestly don’t think was possible.

And Friday, there’s two albums releases I’m super excited for - Harry Styles is releasing his second solo album and that boys got all the potential in the world to drop something unexpectedly wonderful so I cannot wait to give it a full listen and see where it fits in my end of the year list. The other album is by the Free Nationals, which is Anderson .Paak’s band. High hopes for that one too - could be a stellar way to end the year.

And honestly, that’s about it! My ass isn’t about to go see Black Christmas because DON’T MIX CHRISTMAS CHEER WITH SLASHY BLOOD STUFF. Don’t do it guys.

What you should do? Play CTR. And Halo Reach. And other fun things because Christmas is a time for fun. Even though I suppose Halo has slashes and maybe some blood. Whatever.

Talk to you soon!