Rosemary Radar: Have We Agreed To Shorthand Stadia to 'STD'?

Check out all of the biggest releases dropping this week!

Jedi: Fallen Order is magnificent. Pokemon Sword & Shield is delightful. Man, what a year of games. Sure there was no bombshell this year - we didn't get our Red Dead Redemption 2 or God of War but you know what, I'd almost rather have a ton of really good games than just one or two critical darlings. I literally don't know how to play everything I want to play right now. I need a week off or something. Good thing Thanksgiving is coming, right guys?!

Actually, maybe that standout game I'm looking for is Death Stranding, honestly.

Either way! My home is now completely decorated for Christmas - the tree is decorated, the stocking are hung by the chimney (with care). Santa's bound to be all up in our shit in just a months time for sure. Speaking of Christmas - still haven't watched Noelle or Klaus which hit Disney+ and Netflix last week but I'm going to this week I PROMISE. Check out the Brew next week - you'll hear my thoughts on both!