Rosemary Radar: It's The Final Week of Halloween and Luigi's Mansion Is Coming In Hot

Check out all of the biggest releasing coming out this week!

Well, Kanye's album finally came out and it's exactly what he said it would be. It's a gospel album. I don't completely know how I feel about that yet but it is what it is. It's not going to end up on my end of the year list at all - maybe an honorable mention. Which is ridiculous considering in this same decade he released one of my favorite albums of all time. But whatever - what's done is done!

Anyways, this week is pretty dull simply because it's a holiday week. Halloween is Thursday so that means that Friday is straight up EMPTY. Which also means it's wide open for a surprise release (what's good Frank Ocean, happy birthday btw.) Oh wait, there is Apple TV+ launching that day - that's kind of a big deal lololol.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday and I think I'm goign to actually pick up the physical copy. My dad wants to see it so I'm going to let him borrow it and then probably have the boys over to watch it as well. It's also one of the rare movies that I want to see all of the deleted scenes and extras for so I'm looking forward to that.

Also on Tuesday is the actual release date of Afterparty. Last week I said it was coming out on Friday but that's simply because I'm a big dumb bitch and didn't realize I had my dates mixed up. But the game looks great in small doses. I feel like I get antsy during these text based games without any action because there's this part of my brain that just wants to physically play the game but all I can really do is walk around and talk. Without the ability to punch or kick something I may have to move on to something else every now and then. Excited nonetheless!

As I stated before, Thursday is Halloween and that means that we also finally get our hands on Luigi's Mansion 3. My plans are to eat chicken wings, pass out candy to the kids and prance around that mansion in search for Mario all night.

And finally, Apple TV+. Another streaming service to add to the long list of steaming services that will eventually overtake cable television. I can't wait to get started on The Morning Show - I know for a fact that'll be my favorite of the bunch. See also looks interesting but The Morning Show just looks a bit more up my alley.

Oh and Queer Eye is back on Netflix with a trip to Japan and that show is straight up a treat so I'm happy to have it back even for just like four episodes.

That's it - Happy Halloween and have a good week, guys!