Rosemary Radar: It's Time To Find Out Just How Crazy Kojima Is

Let's take a look at some of this week's biggest releases!

So we didn’t do an episode of the Brew yesterday - but with good reason! It seems that any week with a holiday just doesn’t have a lot of news trickling out alongside it. And for a podcast where we like to discuss the biggest happenings of the week that had just passed, we were left with a list of notes about half the size that they normally are. So rather than make some lame episode where were rambling and wasting time, we decided just to skip it, sleep in, and combine those notes with next weeks and have an extra beefy one on the 10th instead. I’ll be there to talk about Frank Ocean (obviously), Luigis Mansion 3 and at that point Death Stranding will be in our possession as well.

Also it snowed a tiny bit yesterday soooo we’re officially in that part of Fall where I’m just going to refer to it as Winter whether you like it or not. And because I had a free morning yesterday, I used that time not only to clean the house but also to go through all of my bins of Christmas decorations and donate what we’re no longer going to use. But yo, I’m so excited to decorate this year.

Also Apple TV+ is a thing in the universe now! And i get it free for a year so i checked out the first episode of The Morning Show and really dug it!

Anyways - this week:

Tonight’s the night. Holiday Baking Championship is back, y’all. It’s the first holiday show I watch each year and to be fair, it’s okay because the first episode they do usually isn’t full blown Christmas - they ease in just as they should, okay? But man, my wife and I are addicted to these god damn baking competitions and I hate how much I anticipate each new season.

Tuuuueeeesday, The End of the Fucking World returns on Netflix and even after that trailer dropped last week, I STILL have no idea what's going on with this season. Why is she in a wedding dress? Why'd homie have to die? Is there a chance he actually isn't? I find out tomorrow! Legit, I could probably finish the season in a day if those episodes are like 15 minutes long again - which I hope they are.

Also, Red Dead Redemption is coming out for PC if you're a hella nerd and want to play it a second time through. Maybe the modding community will have fun with it but that's not my game. Console forever!

Wednesday and Thursday are whatever but FRIDAY. Ohhhh, Friday. We're looking at the beginning of the end of my wallet. Death Stranding, the most polarizing game of all time, launches and even though I don't think it's a game for me, I'm excited to give it a shot and see if it clicks. With Jedi Fallen Order and Pokemon Sword and Shield just a week and some change away I'm really unsure how long I'll stick with it but I'm hoping that I'm surprised at how much I enjoy it.

FKA Twigs is also dropping an album Friday and trust me when I tell you that it's one of the best albums of the year. Really. it's fantastic and weird and brilliant and everybody should be excited for this one. I can't give it enough praise - alongside Vampire Weekend and Bon Iver I think it's my favorite thing released this year.

And finally, Last Christmas hits theaters this Friday and I can not decide whether or not I'm going to go see it. Part of me thinks it's just gonna be another Christmas-themed rom-com, nothing to write home about movie but the other part of me wonders whether or not maybe this one will be a little bit more than that. Maybe it's one of those classics that we'll be talking about five years from now and watching on cable each holiday season? I'm going to wait for more reviews to roll in, see where that Metacritic sits and make my decision then. But hey, woooo, Christmas!

Have a good week, everybody!