Rosemary Radar: Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!

The Mandalorian! Jedi Fallen Order! We out here!

So it's 9:55 - the Camp Flog Gnaw surprise headliner is about to take the stage. Everyone thinks it's going to be Frank Ocean. Then A&AP Rocky took the stage, played two songs. Then Lil Uzi Vert took the stage, played two songs. Then Drake took the stage, played two songs, then another, then another, and eventually got booed off the stage because everyone wanted Frank Ocean instead. Pretty much a disaster.

So here we are on Monday morning with a new episode of Blonded and Camp Flog Gnaw in the rear view, without a new Frank Ocean single or album or anything. We are not worthy.


Death Stranding rules. Honestly I’m having a fantastic time with it after about 4-5 hours. I totally understand why some people might not but for me,