Rosemary Radar: Things Are Happening!

You heard it here first people - so many things!

Shoutout to today because the Star Wars hype begins now. During Monday Night Football, most likely around half-time, we're going to see the official trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and then immediately afterward, tickets are going to go on sale. This is your forewarning - contact your friends, family, shack up with an SO - whoever you want to see this movie with, coordinate and get those tickets pre-ordered before you end up front row stair up Reylo's nostrils.

Aside from that, the last few days have also been a WHIRLWIND for Frank Ocean obsessors like myself. If you want to hear more about that situation, check out this weeks episode of The Morning Brew because I throw on my detective cap and dive into that whole shit. But because that man is as mysterious as they come, we could literally get an album today or we could get an album in two years. So the best we can do is just stay on our toes, I suppose.

The 1975 is also teasing something for this week which I'm assuming is a new song. The countdown points to Thursday so I guess we'll wait and see. New 1975 is always welcome af.

Lots of fun stuff on the radar this week that's ACTUALLY confirmed though, also. So let's look at those.

WWE 2K20 releases on Tuesday and I've never been more indifferent about a wrestling game. I've gotten every single on day one for as long as I can remember - legitimately like 15-20 years or so. But the lack of a sever overhaul this year, the downgrade in graphics, the terrible hair physics, the lame commentary and junk crowd reactions - it made me cancel my pre-order this week...but then a few days later I traded in some things to reserve it again - just the lesser version - I didn't need all that bonus stuff. I felt better about a pre-order from store credit then straight out of that bank account.

Also the live action remake of The Lion King is out that day which, somehow, I never did see in theaters. So I'll check that out sometime soon for sure. OH YO - follow up on last weeks radar - that Netflix Original with Paul Rudd called Living With Yourself - TOTALLY not a movie. It's a TV show. I confused so many people with that one. My bad, y'all.

Wednesday and Thursday are kind fo busts but Friday, ohhhhh Friday.

It's a good day to be a Game Pass subscriber on Xbox on Friday because you are going to get both The Outer Worlds and After Party on day one of release for the simple price of $9.99/month. A gigantic, immersive RPG in The Outer Worlds and an artistic, fun, narrative adventure in After Party. Two opposite ends on the same day - balance your life, guys!

Or if you prefer to spend money on games, MediEvil Remastered comes out on Friday for PS4 players and I cannot wait for that one. It's such a spooky little action adventure game and while it may be short, I know I'm going to have a blast with it leading up to this final week before Halloween.

Oh, and if you're into Call of Duty, what will be the best selling game of the year, Modern Warfare, released on Friday as well! I'm not gonna lie either, I'm intrigued by this game, just as I was last year with the Call of Duty offering. It seems like every year I'm interested in what they're throwing down but I just have so much else to play that I know it's not worth the time or money.

Now, as far as music goes, apparently we're getting Kaye West's 'Jesus Is King' on Friday. It's been a month since that album was supposed to originally release but apparently this is it - even a tweet from Kanye for the firs time in forever has confirmed that fact. Not gonna lie, I'm nervous about this one. But excited. Mostly nervous though.

What I'm not nervous about, however, are the release of both Rex Orange County and Gallant's new albums. I fully expect those guys to end up in my top ten for the year - that seems like a no brainer. But where within that top ten will they fall? I'll let you know at the end of the year, duh.

Last thing - I'm doing another Holiday Gift Guide this year! It'll go live next Friday, November 1st once the dust has settled on Halloween - same day as the November Playlist.

Have a good week!