Rosemary Radar: We're Gonna Be 'Making It' All Week Long

Check out all of the biggest releases coming this week!

I feel like it’s been forever since I checked in with you guys - holy moly. Thanksgiving was wonderful this year but I feel like it lasted for weeks even though I really only had a few days off. Regardless, I’m not complaining - but back to business as usual until Christmas!

There was no Morning Brew this week - we took some time off to spend with our families and honestly, no news was happening, things were pretty dead as everyone was eating turkey and pie and Black Friday shopping as they should have been! I finished most of my Christmas shopping and bought a couple games for myself so I’m happy. As for the podcast though, we’ll return this Sunday and we’ve got new episodes of Party Crashers and Funny Business in the works as well!

I played some Pokemon during my trip to Ohio this year but other than that I’ve just been plugging away on Jedi Fallen Order and slipping in a little bit of Halo multiplayer when I can.

Oh, SO YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED - the radar is new! Since I lost all of my assets and layouts during the great MacBook crash of 2019 as described in the last episode of the Brew, I had to start from scratch so I decided to go with the square design this time around - it works better for Instagram, gets rid of a bunch of clutter and just breaks it all down to only the biggest releases. I’m happy with the redesign and hope you guys are too!

For this week, Making It is coming back! It airs Monday through Thursday for the next couple weeks and if you are unaware of what this show is, it’s a competition show for makers - those that create crafts and displays and y’now, make things. It’s hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman and it’s a delight and I’m super happy to see it back for the Holidays since it’s such a wholesome ass show.

Also that “The Moody’s” three night Christmas special on Fox starts this Wednesday - that looks like it could be okay and it’s Christmas so I’m sold on it.

If you play gamers on PC or Google Stadia you’ve got Darksiders Genesis to play on Thursday as well! That game looks wonderful but since I don’t have Stadia yet and don’t play games on PC, I guess I’m waiting a couple more months. But congrats to those of you that get to jump in early!

There’s a SpongeBob Musical on Saturday also if you’re into things that are lesser versions of great things. Same can be said for what looks to be a reboot of America’s Funniest Home Videos which is out on Sunday. But to offset that, we’ve got a Kids Baking Championship: North Pole Edition to look forward to on the same day!

That’s it though, guys. Alex and I will yap your ears off more about some games this week, Casey and I will be back this weekend and CHRISTMAS IS COMING. All good things!