Shrimp Guy Is A Milkshake Duck & It’s Okay If You're Confused | Rosemary Radio: Episode 2

We’re back and we’re shouting out people named Ben and talking about nerd shit and Twitter drama.

The second episode of Rosemary Radio, our only video podcast, hosted by myself & Kevin Murray is available now exclusively on our YouTube Channel. In this episode we talk about the shrimp tail guy controversy that owned Twitter this week and had more twists and turns in it than all of the fucking tiger king show. We also talk about Liquid Death’s claim to fame (or your local bodega), Kevin’s impressions of the Snyder Cut of the Justice League, what we think of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, garbage trash people that steal money and don’t put their shopping carts away and much more.

Check it out on our YouTube Channel, linked below, and don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell to get notifications for future episodes and other content.

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