Sony & Microsoft Take Pages Out of Nintendo's Book

This benefits everybody.

Just yesterday both Sony and Microsoft made announcements that quite clearly resemble a technique that Nintendo has been using for some years now in an attempt to better please their players and give them information on projects more frequently.

Sony spoke first by announcing State of Play which will be a series of videos in which they will discuss new information, release dates and breaking news live to their viewers. Basically, this seems like PlayStations version of a Nintendo Direct - it's their way to own a moment - to make the discussion be about them and only them outside of an event like E3, GDC or PAX. The first of these videos will be on Monday, March 25th at 5 PM EST.

Microsoft followed up Sony's announcement, and in response to Nintendo's latest Nindies event that aired two days prior, by revealing ID@Xbox Game Pass which will be a series of videos in which they will showcase indie games coming to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox already has their livestream in which they give updates on new games and make announcements much like Nintendo Directs called Inside Xbox so this new live event makes it very obvious that Microsoft is mimicking both sets of live videos that Nintendo has mastered over the years to get new information out to it's players. The first ID@Xbox Game Pass event will be on Tuesday, March 26th at 12:00 EST.

Nintendo has done a fantastic job with their Nintendo Directs so any form of duplication is going to benefit everybody. It should be a fun week with both of these events and the Apple Event on Monday as well.