Sufjan Stevens' 12 Minute Opus, Hamilton on Disney+ & More | In Review & Out Today

Just checked out Hamilton's runtime and I guess I'll just watch it in shifts or something?

The impossible may be done, you guys. So here I am, for the last year saying to myself "that new 1975 album will be your album of the year as long as Frank Ocean doesn't drop anything" - it was just a fact that I knew and accepted. And even after the album was actually release, I stood by it.

And then, Sufjan Stevens announces a new album out of nowhere that will apparently be heavily influenced by 80's and 90's pop music?! I'm talking about catchy-ass hooks, heavy synth-use, the whole nine. Sufjan has always been one of my favorite artists making music so you blend that with him tackling a genre so brand new and exciting, wowowowowow, 1975 hold onto your hats, boys.

The first single is dropping momentarily - I'm including it below because I know it will be grand but as of writing this, there's still an hour and a half until I get to hear it myself.

This week we also got the return of Kanye West - and while the new track is rooted in religious themes, it doesn't completely throw it in your face like everything from Jesus Is King did. The beat bangs, Kanye's actual verse is decent - it's a return to form - it's very Yeezus sounding in the bets way possible. So just when I thought maybe I was about to step off this bandwagon for the first time in a couple decades, I'm here to say IT'S YEEZY SEASON, Y'ALL.

For video games, this week was all about NBA 2K21. Day by day they began announcing the cover athletes for this year's game and once all was said and done, pre-orders went live and the 2K community and the world of video games both went a little crazy. Because not only is the next-gen version of the game priced at $69.99, a sign that the XSX/PS5 generation may be the one that we see a price increase for, but also that if you want to purchase the game on September 4th on current-gen, but also want to make sure you have a next-gen copy to play when the consoles launch this holiday, you're going to need to purchase the $99 Mamba Forever Edition.

Now, to me, this isn't a huge deal simply because I always purchase the Legendary Edition of the new 2K game anyways, so it doesn't really change anything. But I also understand that's a privilege and not everyone can drop one hundred dollars on a video game - and if they want to buy a next-gen console this holiday, the only way to have their character carry over is to do exactly that. Not the worst case scenario, not the best case scenario, so I guess 2K just met us in the middle on that one. It is what it is.

Anyways, on with this week's list!


Sufjan Stevens - "America" (Single)

Gus Dapperton - "Post Humorous" (Single)

beabadoobee - "You Lie All The Time - ASIA RISING FOREVER" (Single)

LANY - "if this is the last time" (Single)

Pop Smoke - Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon (Album)


Hamilton (Disney+)

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix)

Desperados (Netflix)

Hannibal Buress: Miami Nights (YouTube)



John Lewis: Good Trouble (VOD)

The Outpost (VOD)


Marvel’s Iron Man VR (PSVR)

Clash Force (Xbox One, Switch)

Demolish & Build (Xbox One)

Alphadia Genesis (Xbox One)

Singled out (Switch)

Infini (Switch)

Ghost Grab 3000 (Switch)

As for what I'd recommend this week, absolutely that Sufjan Stevens single (I assume) and also the new Gus Dapperton and beabadoobee singles. I've never actually listened to Pop Smoke so I don't know if I can recommend that or not but I'll check it out today and report back. Outside of music, definitely check out Hamilton - let's see what that hype is all about. It's kind of one of those "I want to be part of the conversation" things. I'm not off the wall about watching it, but instead just terribly intrigued.

But that's it, guys. Keep an eye out on the website in the next week as I'm working on a bit of a re-launch for the homepage and the Patreon to get things looking cleaner and meaner. Hopefully I'll have it done shortly.

New episodes of Bench Point and Funny Business are live and we're looking to record Party Crashers and potentially Modern Classics next week also. So lots of stuff coming!

Happy Fourth of July! Stay safe, wear mask, register to vote and wash your hands!