Super Mario Maker 2 Details Revealed

Nintendo didn't even need E3 to announce their GOTY contender.

This afternoon, Nintendo aired a 15 minute Nintendo Direct that featured many new features that can be found in the game when it launches on June 28th of this year.

The second iteration of the Super Mario Maker series will contain a brand new story mode, the Super Mario 3D World art style and the ability to build levels with a friend on the same screen with separate joy-con, Alongside these additions, an online multiplayer mode was also announced where players can either work together or race against one another to beat a level of their choosing - although it is worth noting that it will matchmake for you automatically and the only way to play with friends is to have them playing near you on another Nintendo Switch.

Aside from these new features, many, many other elements have been added to the creation suite such as slopes, on/off switches, scrolling, water levels and much more which can be seen over at Nintendo's dedicated website.