The 1975, The Lovebirds & More | This Week In New Releases - 5.22.20

The moment I’ve been waiting for - the best album of the year is officially dancing within my ears.

It’s been a week.

For some reason over last weekend I said to myself “hey, what if I recorded an episode of all three of my podcasts in one week?” on top of returning to work and being extremely busy with all that as well. But instead of being logical and maybe only doing 1 or 2 of them instead, I said “good idea!” and did exactly that.

Modern Classics is officially back - Casey and I combined our first podcast with our latest podcast and created the best podcast. It’s truthfully the culmination of where The Morning Brew was headed and bringing back what I missed about doing a contained, main topic like we did with Modern Classics. So now it’s the best of both worlds - you’ll get our regular banter and nonsense in the beginning of each show but it’ll all lead into a lengthy discussion about a favorite piece of media of ours that was released within the last 20 years or so.