The Haunting of Bly Manor, Hubie Halloween & More | In Review & Out Today

We’re deep inside of October and things are getting S P O O K Y.

So here’s an update on my barista adventures:

Espresso is the most finicky ass shit I have ever had to deal with. Mind you, I’m well aware that I don’t need to deal with it – I could just make coffee like normal people, use a Keurig, hit up a drive thru, whatever. But you know what, I am embracing this pretention as a way to treat myself each morning with things like cappuccinos, macchiatos, americanos, YOU NAME IT. I’m slinging these things left and right and my wife couldn’t be more pleased. But man, the coarseness of the beans, the amount of weight in which you tamper them down, etc. are all the bane of my existence. But I’m slowly getting there. Watching YouTube videos. Learning. I’ll be a pro in no time.

The Vice Presidential Debate was also this week. Not much to say about that. Maybe it was the last debate? Because Trump doesn’t think a virtual one is worthy of his time? Meanwhile millions of Americans are doing work through things like Zoom, having their kids go to virtual class, teachers teaching virtually, etc. So everybody else can make that sacrifice to do their job but our president can not? Fuck him.

But before said debate we watched Hubie Halloween. Why? Because I love anything that goes maximum amounts of holiday – hella Christmas movies and hella Halloween movies are probably my two favorite genres of movies and this falls into the “hella Halloween” category so I’m obviously all in. But I will resist in giving my thoughts on this film at all because next week we should be recording our Halloween episode of Funny Business which will include our full review because Shawn and Matt watched it with me and Kevin watched it at home. So I’m sure we’ll all have lots to say. Stay tuned!

We might be recording an episode of Bench Points tonight as well. It’s week 5 of Football season and we haven’t done one since it started lololol. The intention was to do it weekly or bi-weekly once the season started lololol. Things happen. Life happens. It is what it is, y’all. But whenever we do record, I will be SURE to gloat about the fact that in my fantasy football league I am currently undefeated and in first place overall. That PS5 and Xbox Series X aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Other than all that, though, it was a pretty chill week – still playing Star Wars Squadrons and Crash 4. Both are wonderful. I also did a bunch of adult things like taking recyclables to the transfer site, fighting with the rude people that work for the IRS over the phone and like, cleaning and stuff. And watching Parks & Rec. All adults do that, right? My wife and I are in the midst of another watch-through and we just hit Season 3 (arguably the best season of the show as well as one of the best seasons of television period) so I’m very much enjoying that.

As for what is releasing today – I am most excited for The Haunting of Bly Manor. I never finished the last season but the reviews I’ve read so far for this one lead me to believe that I’ll like it even more. I hear it focuses a lot on the relationships this time around and maybe not so much the scary stuff? Which I’m totally okay with – obviously I know there will still be plenty of horror-related things seeing it as that’s the genre it exists within but something with a little more heart in addition? Sign me up!

For music, I suppose I’ll check out the new Future Islands album – I’ve never been a huge fan of them but I’m always willing to give a new record a shot. Maybe this will be the one to finally grab me.

That’s it – embrace the spookiness of the season, keep being vocal about bs politics, make some chili and some cookies, learn to barist like me. Enjoy yourself.