The Mandalorian Returns, A Goo Goo Dolls Christmas Album & More | In Review & Out Today

It’s not even Halloween yet but it’s already starting to feel a little bit like Christmas.

There is a lot to talk about so let’s get right to it.

My couch came. If you’ve ben following this saga via these blog posts over the last, I don’t know, three weeks, you’ll be happy to know that I no longer need to discuss it any further. The One and a half couches have arrived at my home — and I know what you’re thinking — half a couch? Yes, there is half of a couch in my entryway that FedEx needs to pick up from me because the second couch that was sent via a giant ass truck to compensate for the hurdles the first one had to go through, ended up arriving on the same day. One was supposed to get re-routed back to the supplier but only one of the boxes got adjusted, and the other one didn’t, etc. etc. It was a whole thing. A whole thing that I am so relieved is over because now I think my studio/game room is finally complete. The only thing missing at this point is my Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 but we are only a week and away from that so hallelujah!

I do think I want to paint this room whiten though. It’d look really good white.

I think we’ll do that next weekend when we paint the living room white as well.

I guess it’s not done yet.

Anyways, speaking of the PlayStation 5 — I did get my accessories early! Shipped directly from PlayStation, my DualSense controller and docking station arrived two days before their release date which gives me some pretty high hopes that maybe I’ll get my PS5 a couple days early as well. Same day as the Series X? Get them both simultaneously? Let’s goooo.

But in regards to the controller, it feels good. Like, really good. Like, so good that it might be my favorite of all the PlayStation controllers. The texture on the sticks, the weight of it, the matte finish, the Touch Bar, the triggers — all of it seems more refined than any of the DualShocks were and I cannot wait to see how it works with the haptic feedback and everything.

As for video game releases this week, however, as of right now, I have decided not to partake in any. Watch Dogs Legion released yesterday and Pikmin 3 Deluxe is out today and the former just seems a bit more involved than I want to get in a game right now considering what’s on the horizon, and the latter I played on the Wii U and charging $60 for these ports can sometimes be justified, but not in a busy holiday season when I’ve got tons else to play. So nice try, Sony! If it ever drops in price, maybe I’ll consider it because I do love that game. But fuck, I still have to get through Paper Mario and the 3D All Stars collection and those absolutely take priority to Pikmin. So what’s the point in spending the money on something that’s gonna sit there for months until I maybe decide to put it in? There isn’t one.

Watch Dogs, though, I may eventually pick up. The way I’m seeing it right now though, is I’ve been so preoccupied with other life stuff recently, my wife and I are already planning out our November from paining to decorating for Christmas, to birthdays, to celebrations, that I am literally only going to have time for NBA 2K21, Sackboy and Miles Morales. Luckily Miles is a shorter experience and Sackboy probably is as well because that’s more than enough games for someone that gets in MAYBE 5-10 hours a week or so playing video games. And a lot of that is Animal Crossing, lolol.

Truthfully, I wasn’t the least bit upset when the Cyberpunk delay news got announced. Do I wish to have that game in just three weeks? Of course. I’m an impatient piece of shit so if I can have something now, I want it. But the upside of it all is that with an entire month between the launch of these new systems and possibly the biggest game of the year, it gives me time to knock out my launch titles and then spend the Winter completely wrapped up in the arms of that Cyberpunk universe. It’s a good thing. It’s all okay.

For more of my thoughts on video game news and the upcoming console launches, check out the most recent episode of Party Crashers, which we literally recorded like twelve hours ago that is live on our podcast feeds now!

But yeah, Halloween is tomorrow! It’s wild shit but somehow October is just about to be over? The kids aren’t really trick or treating this year but I ca drink beer, eat candy and galavant around town dressed as an Animal Crossing character, can’t I? I don’t know if I mentioned it but my wife and I are dressing up as Timmy & Tommy. We literally thought of it in March and haven’t changed our minds since. I will post photos, I’m sure. I’m also hella excited for Saturday Night Live tomorrow night as well. John Mulaney is hosting, who’s one of my favorite comedians and The Strokes are performing — and seeing it as it takes place on Halloween night I assume this is going to be a full blown Halloween episode. Very excite!

You see that, it’s a Borat quote in 2020 because Borat is back and the new movie was everything that I wanted it to be. It’s topical, hilarious and the woman that played Borat is absolute star. It was a treat of a film, especially during a time where theaters aren’t a thing and movies are few and far between. Is it my favorite movie of the year? Shit, it might actually be. When’s Tenet coming out digitally anyways?

Also, The Eric Andre Show is back. Everybody watch that. He’s absolutely insane and I love him for it.

Superstore is also back and probably addressed the pandemic better than any other program I’ve seen thus far. Probably because in a “superstore” that basically resembled that of a WalMart or Costco, they can hit points that are the most relatable. It also seems like this first episode was very much a “transition” episode — where they had to stray from the path to address the situation at hand, but episode two will basically pick up where they abruptly left off.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Mandalorian is back today and having to wait all day until about 8:30 when my wife gets home to watch it might actually kill me. I think after I get home from work I’ll play some Halloween levels in Dreams or watch some old slasher movies or something to pass the time but truthfully, I’ll be thinking about that little child some call Baby Yoda the entire time. Absolutely wild that an entire year has passed since Disney+ had dropped alongside the first episode of this show. It’s such a treat to have such a well-produced, well-written, massive show set in the Star Wars universe. It’s hard to ask for anything more than that.

Except Christmas. It’s almost Christmas.


The Goo Goo Dolls are releasing a Christmas album today! I refuse to listen to it until at least Sunday but hopefully that can hit me with a little 90’s nostalgia and some Christmas spirit in a bit of a one-two punch.

Ariana Grande is also releasing her new album today — her music is usually hit or miss for me where when an album comes out, there’s a good handful of songs I really appreciate as solid pop records but as a whole, there’s more filler than I want their to be like there is with most mainstream music in that genre. But maybe this is the one that I really enjoy front to back. She’s been tiptoeing her way toward that with each release so I’ll give it a listen during my drive today and see what’s up.

And that’s that. Exciting things ahead — holidays, game consoles, snow falling from the sky. But all the while, there’s still a pandemic making it so we can’t see all of our friends and family during a time of year where we’ve grown so accustomed to doing so. And at the end of the day all I can say that you or me or anybody at all can do about that is just…vote. There’s four days left until either a faint light at the end of the tunnel or a continued hell that’s even more hellish than we have ever seen. You know what to do.