The Office Is For Real Leaving Netflix (For Real)

This is way, way worse than any amount of spilled chili.

First we had cable. You'd pay one price and get access to all of the cable networks and the ability to watch their programming live without anything extra. Then "premium" services became a thing with HBO, Showtime, etc. who thought "hey, our service is too good to just be part of your regular package so we're going to make you pay extra for it". Then Netflix came along and was like "hey you know all those DVD's you're holding onto with movies and tv shows that you want to watch at your convenience - not just when they are on cable - we have those! Pay for us!" And then Hulu was like "but what about those new episodes? Want an alternative to watching them live and instead just wait until the next morning and watch them along with a backlog of other shows and movies just like Netflix?" And then we had things like Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV and the forthcoming Disney + and Apple TV+.

And just when you though "enough's enough" NBC decided to bend us all over and give us, as Americans, what we probably deserve in way way or another, but surely didn't ask for.

Are you following? The Office is leaving Netflix. For real this time. I know you've read a million "fake news" articles on Facebook over the last few years saying this same shit but it's real this time. And why? Because NBCUniversal is launching their own streaming service app in 2020 and once the contract between The Office and Netflix is up at the start of 2021, it will be the exclusive platform to the entirety of The Office. And on top of that, I guarantee you that when they decide to pull the trigger on The Office reboot or remake or whatever the hell - it'll be on the same service just to hit us all with the one-two. How much will it cost? Who knows. Between $5 and $10, I'm sure. And you know what? We're all going to sign up for it like the little sheep people that we are.

You may be thinking to yourself "well I can just buy the complete series and watch it whenever I want!"

Good luck. Because it's only available on DVD and no self respecting adult is about to watch something that's not at least a Blu-Ray. And have fun going to your closet, grabbing the box set, fumbling through discs and gallivanting through menu screens just to start up an episode. We have things to do - we don't have time for that. The act alone would 9 times out of 10 make me go "eh, let's just put something else on."

Your only possible solution to not signing up for another streaming service is to buy the complete series digitally - possibly on iTunes (for as long as that exists) and streaming it on your Apple TV. But then you also need an Apple TV. Do you see why this is an issue?

Let me know in the comments below what your solution is going to be. And if it's something like "nothing, the Office sucks" you can go pound salt you dork with poor taste.