The Return of Borat, Blackstarkids’ Drop “Whatever, Man” & More | In Review & Out Today

Borat arrives just in time to save us from the year that is 2020 and the President that is Donald Drumpf.

So remember last week when I was all excited because I’d be expecting all the things I ordered for my studio space the following week? Well that was this week. And I’m still waiting for the TV and the couch lololol. The TV should be here tomorrow but the couch..the couch is a whole problem within itself. Essentially, a shipping label was created last Wednesday but nothing has happened since then — no activity, no updates. And the supplier has just kinda been like “we have no idea” soooo it’s either on it’s way but not getting scanned at any of it’s stops? Or it never left the warehouse that the supplier is still “waiting to hear back from”. Either way, if you know me at all you know that I hate things in limbo and this is A BIG OL’ LIMBO.

But anyways, on the positive side of things, Halloween is only a week away which is both great great but also absolutely insane. October feels like it started a week away and now it’s a week from ending. I swear something happened when this Pandemic hit that made time move at a faster rate. It’s like the days are 20 hours long instead of 24 — science, is this possible? Are all of our cell phones, digital devices and clocks all in cahoots as well?

Speaking of Halloween, we recorded our annual Halloween episode of Funny Business on Wednesday night — it’s Spooky Business 4 and it’s live on all podcast services now. Honestly, we all got pretty drunk in this one. I don’t think that was our intention but it just kind of happened. It was a really fun episode, there’s a lot of Halloween talk but also some relevant pop culture topics. So have a listen if your in the mood for some spooks and some discussions. I believe we will be recording a Party Crashers episode and most likely a Bench Points episode next week as well. It’ll most likely be our last Party Crashers episode before the next gen consoles release and then we’ll record another immediately after in celebration.

This week was pretty dull on the video game-front, however. We got some cool information on NBA 2K21’s next-gen MyPlayer Builder and we saw the release of the second Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion, The Crown Tundra, but outside of that, not much. But that’s okay! The calm before the storm, I suppose. I may jump into some Crown Tundra this weekend so maybe I can report back on that but honestly I’m kind of in a lull right now. I have tons of games to play but it’s almost like I’m so hyped up on the next-gen hardware, that I’m kind of over what we have now. Like I don’t want to play on this loud ass system with laggy menus and slow load times — give me that new new!

But also, without a couch and a TV in the room I like to play games in…I can’t exactly play games in it. So maybe that’s part of it.

What I have been doing as of late, however, is watching a lot of TV — catching up on Halloween specials, watching horror classics, stuff like that. Unsolved Mysteries is back with another six episode on Netflix so I’m checking those out. As I type this I’m watching a Family Matters Halloween episode because of course I am. But also, Supermarket Sweep is back on TV so it looks like my wife and I are going to watch that every Sunday now. Leslie Jones is a great host and we enjoyed the mindlessness of the first episode so we’ll probably keep going.

Last night was also the Presidential Debate but oh my god am I sick of talking about this shit. If you still plan on voting for Donald Trump at this point in time, stop. Just stop. Stop reading this, stop existing just stop stop stop.

Thankfully, at the end of the day, we have Sacha Baron Cohen AKA Borat AKA the star of my most ANTICIPATED film of the entire year, Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, etc. etc. etc. which is out now on Amazon Prime Video. I have to wait for my wife to get home later tonight to watch it so I can’t comment on anything right now but man, I don’t see any possible way that this isn’t a 10/10 in terms of funny. I can not wait to treat tonight like we’re in a movie theater, pop some corns and forget that the world is getting worse by the minute for roughly two hours. I stopped my Amazon Prime membership like six months ago to tame my spending addiction due to the convenience of Amazon but re-upped that shit literally the moment the trailer for this movie dropped. I’ll probably have to continue it for the rest of the year for additional viewings. I’m okay with that.

Also, side note, The Eric Andre Show returns this weekend as well.

DVR that because I know y’all aint staying up for it.

For music, there’s only a couple big releases dropping today that I’m aware of — one of which being that new Bruce Springsteen album and here’s the deal about Bruce..I respect him. I really do. I love Born to Run. I have it on vinyl. But I can’t really get down with a new album of his in the year 2020 — it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. However, another thing that’s dropping today is whatever the hell you want to call what the Gorillaz have been up to for the last year. They were doing the episodic thing with a bunch of features that were being released as individual EP’s and singles but apparently now it’s ready to drop as an actual album and to that I say FINALLY. I’m not much of a singles and EP’s kind of guy — I would always, always prefer an album so I’m excited to really dive into this.

Today is also the release date for that new Actress record which has three different Sampha features on it so I am absolutely here for that. I anticipate it being wonderful.

Oh, and it’s also worth mentioning that the new Blackstarkids album is legit the most fun album of the year. It’s such a good time. It came out yesterday for some reason instead of today, but it plays like a mixtape or a radio broadcast and these songs range from just straight up pop anthems to r&b bangers to early 2000’s emo somehow? Tons of nostalgic references, just absolutely worth your time. Find a half hour and dance, children.

We’ve also got new singles dropping today by Ariana Grande, FINNEAS and The Wonder Years so if you have fun loving open mind like me and can find enjoyment in all three of those things, send ittttttt. If you don’t, well then okay.

That’s about it, guys. Do more Halloween things this weekend. Make pizzas that look like pumpkins. Tell a scary story to your cat. And listen to Spooky Business 4!