Things Are Looking Grae In The Best, Best Way | Rosemary Radar

So much good music and so little time to listen to any of it.

Honest to god, if this new Moses Sumney album doesn't end up in my top five albums of the year then something amazing must have happened. Like, Frank Ocean drops five different albums or something. Because every track he's released this far has blown me away - the man writes music that no other could possibly write. He's a special talent and the fact that we technically get two releases from him - an album in two parts, is just going to increase how long we can keep talking about how great he is.

But anyways - hey guys! New episode of The Morning Brew is up, the new Tame Impala album rules, The Division 2 for $2.99 is the best deal in all of gaming right now and Justin Bieber just keeps on disappointing me.

For real though, Purpose was so good - save for like, 4 tracks, that album was full of total bangers. Skrillex's production was top-notch and Justin was at the top of his game but on this album.....huh. I guess uh...yeah. Maybe it was rushed or something? I don't know.

High Fidelity also rules - check that show out on Hulu - fans of the original film and novel as well as just fans of modern music. Oh, and I finally watched Parasite which was incredible. I get it now.

As for this week - it's kind of one of those weeks again where nothing is happening until Friday. Sure, we get some sort of Hot Ones game show and The Chef Show returning to Netflix, but that's pretty much it until the big hitters come swaaangin' on Friday. There's the aforementioned Moses Sumney record, King Krule putting out a dark, dark beauty and Grimes doing something weird that may or may not be great - we'll see!

I'm also really excited for This Week At The Comedy Cellar to come back - it's such a fun show and my wife and I love standup comedy so it gives us something to look forward to each week.

On Sunday, Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead are both returning to AMC - both of which I no longer watch, however. The Walking Dead for obvious reasons but Better Call Saul I just fell off from and now it's just too much of an investment to dive back in. Maybe I will eventually but not right now. Plus, Sunday's are for Kidding on Showtime anyways.


The radar is below - see you next week! Cross your fingers for a god damn Nintendo Direct this week!