THPS 1+2 Warehouse Demo, Ted Lasso & More | In Review & Out Today

Word on the street is this Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Demo is the REAL DEAL.

To be completely honest, this week was extremely uneventful but at the same time went by extremely fast. You know, there’s all those theories about how the world may have actually ended in 2012 and we’ve been living in some weird parallel universe ever since after some scientist blew our asses into a black hole — and lately I’ve been thinking maybe it’s actually possible, lololol. But for real, things are very weird and just keep getting weirder. And it keeps getting hotter. I know that’s because it’s summer and because of global warming and stuff but I’m going to just go ahead and blame it on the whole black hole thing instead.

Our fucking president is literally beating the shit out of the US Postal Service just to try to sabotage the election and nobody seems to really care? It seems like that trash human can just do whatever the hell he wants and we all know it’s bad but for some reason it just gets swept under the rug until the next thing happens. Dumb. Anyways.

  • There’s this whole Fortnite vs Apple thing going on right now and it’s one of those weird situations where I absolutely see both sides. I get it — Fortnite signed a contract and they broke it. So Apple had every right to take their game down from their store. But at the same time, I see Epic Games’ side of the situation because why is it okay for other apps to allow purchases like Amazon or something without them having to pay their 30% back to Apple, but a video game cannot do the same? There’s a weird line that separates what qualifies and what doesn’t and it’s totally blurred and makes no sense and somebody has to budge here. But then again, it’s one billion dollar corporation against other billion dollar corporation so who the fuck cares.

  • Oh wait, I guess this week wasn’t totally uneventful — I forgot that Halo Infinite got delayed and ruined my entire Fall. Hyperbole, yes. My Fall will be fine (unless we all die) but straight up, this was the game I was looking forward to the most. I feel like all of the other games coming out soon are mostly single player experiences and Halo was that one game that was going to keep me up late nights with friends playing deathmatch after deathmatch, capture the flag, griffball, possibly battle Royale? I don’t play Call of Duty or anything like that so this was going to be my game, man. It’s too damn bad.

  • We recorded the latest episode of Party Crashers this week and talk all about this Halo news so if you want to hear my further thoughts on that as well was a bunch of new releases, Sony and Nintendo news, check it out! It’s a good one. Even though Alex’s internet took about an hour to find a stable connection lololol, but you won’t notice that. Listen to it!

  • Some new NBA 2K20 news came out this week as well — nothing big, just some welcomed quality of life stuff but we did find out that the demo will be available on August 24th — Kobe Day. So I’m excited to get started on that process, find the perfect build for myself this year and get moving on all that.

  • My wife and I watched Gillian Jacob’s new movie ‘I Used To Go Here’ last weekend and it was alright! I loved Gillian’s performance, it was a nice slice-of-life kind of film but it also felt like it was a bit lacking — some of it just didn’t seem to go anywhere, it was quite predictable but at the same time, I appreciated it’s message and the way they kept it hidden beneath a few different metaphors.

  • This weekend, we still have to watch that new Seth Rogen movie, An American Pickle, which is on HBO Max, which I’ll need to sign up for because Lovecraft County starts on Sunday and you know I have to watch that shit.

On with the good stuff…


Katy Perry - Smile (Album)

Black Noi$e - OBLIVION (Album)

Biffy Clyro - A Celebration of Endings (Album)

Kaash Paige - Teenage Fever (Album)

Mac Miller - K.I.D.S (Deluxe) (Album)

The Japanese House - Chewing Cotton Wool (EP)

Sufjan Stevens - “Video Game” (Single)

Drake - “Laugh Now Cry Later (feat. Lil Durk)” (Single)

Gayngs - “Appeal 2 U” (Single)

Future Islands - “Thrill” (Single)

Nas - “Ultra Black (feat. Hit-Boy)” (Single)

Anderson .Paak - “CUT EM IN (feat. Rick Ross)” (Single)

THEY. - “All Mine” (Single)

Jaden - “Rainbow Bap” (Single)

Madeon - “The Prince” (Single)

Lil Mosey - “Bands out the Roof” (Single)

Miley Cyrus - “Midnight Sky” (Single)

Burna Boy - “Monsters You Made (feat. Chris Martin)” (Single)


Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

Boys State (Apple TV+)

Magic Camp (Disney+)

Teenage Bounty Hunters (Netflix)

Project Power (Netflix)


The Bay of Silence (VOD)

Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story (VOD)

Martin Margiela: In His Own Words (VOD)

Sputnik (VOD)

Spree (VOD)

Endless (VOD)


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Warehouse Demo (PS4, Xbox One)

Marvel’s Avengers Xbox One Beta (Xbox One)

EA Sports UFC 4 (PS4, Xbox One)

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic (Xbox One)

Dying Light: Hellraid (PS4, Xbox One)

Linn: Path of Orchards (Xbox One)

Of Tanks and Demons III (Xbox One, Switch)

The Explorer of Night (Xbox One)

Bite The Bullet (Xbox One)

Prehistoric Dude (Switch)

Cooking Simulator (Xbox One)

Shaolin vs Wutang (Switch)

Ramageddon (Switch)

Regina & Mac (Switch)

As for what I recommend this week — that Jason Sudeikis movie looks pretty okay! I could go for a dumb comedy right about now. Outside of that OBVIOUSLY I’M GOING TO RUN ABOUT 100 TWO MINUTE SESSIONS IN THAT THPS WAREHOUSE DEMO. My wife and I will surely be challenging each other to beat our own high scores all night and I’m so ready for that.

And then, of course, check out The Japanese House’s new EP because Amber Bain is an absolute treasure, the new Sufjan single is a banger and a half, Gayngs is back and Drake stays winning. A bunch of singles, really — so make playlist! Or wait until September 1st when all of these songs will undoubtedly end up on the Rosemary one.

That’s about it — take care of yourselves!