We All Like Lists & We’re All Nerds So We Made A New Show | Rosemary Ranks: The MCU

Bartlett decided to have a mustache for this video and I gotta be honest, I really fucking hate it.

You may have recently noticed that I’ve been trying to give more and more love to our YouTube page — it’s really hard to try to maintain audio podcast, video content, written articles and just doing social media in general alongside working a full time job and living a life but recently I’ve been really trying to zero in on what content I wanted to exist in what places and for now, I’m really enjoying Funny Business, Party Crashers and Modern Classics being exclusive audio-only podcasts so that the YouTube page gives us opportunities to do things like other random discussions, our Rosemary Radio series and now this new series we are debuting today called Rosemary Ranks. This will be a video series where we will tackle entertainment such as Marvel, and Star Wars, watch all of their movies and shows and then come up with an overall ranking for them that we all participated in creating. We are kicking things off with ranking the MCU up through the release of Wanda Vision and then as other pieces of media are released, such as the forthcoming result of Falcon & The Winter Soldier, we will meet back up, review that specific release and then toss it somewhere into our overall ranking.

Grab a drink, create your own list and come listen to us debate about our own individual rankings at the link below!

Watch Now: ➡️ https://youtu.be/g40AlOTaZXk