We Are Head Over Heels for Home Is Where’s Latest Release | Modern Classics: Episode 1

At a certain point Jared makes an analogy about a horse and a watermelon and somehow it works so I guess I named the episode after that?

Modern Classics is back! I swear, this thing has been rebooted at least three times already but I think this version is here to stay. Modern Classics started as a music podcast, just like this, then was rebranded as a video series on our YouTube Channel, then had one episode run as a more in depth podcast about a single release and now it’s literally back to exactly what it was in the beginning — a podcast about music, what we’ve been listening to lately and other casual conversation. In this episode, myself, and for the first time on any of our content, Jared Kennedy, gush over the new Home Is Where record, talk about what the actual difference between an EP and an album is, why imperfections are necessary in music and much more. Then they each pick an album they deem a Modern Classic and close the show with what upcoming new releases they are excited for.

Listen Now: ➡️ http://pods.link/rsmrymedia