We Both Love WandaVision But We Also Both Hate Olives | Rosemary Radio: Episode 1

I know, I know, this was originally an audio podcast, but I changed my mind and you’ll just have to deal with it.

The very first episode of Rosemary Radio, our only video podcast, hosted by myself & Kevin Murray of Funny Business and Bench Points, is available now exclusively on our YouTube Channel! In this episode we talk about all things WandaVision now that the series has wrapped and then extend that conversation into other realms of the MCU as well including our thoughts on what Falcon & The Winter Solider will be, if Civil War was really any good, comic books and more. Then we follow that up by talking about things that we hate including Hulu Live TV, YES Network’s exclusivity, the millions of subscription-based services and obviously olives.

Check it out on our YouTube Channel, linked below, and don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell to get notifications for future episodes and other content.

Watch Now: https://youtu.be/D98aWfi10rs