We Drafted Games We Think We’ll See At E3! | Party Crashers: Episode 45

It’s probably my favorite episode of the year so I think we just created a new tradition.

The newest episode of Party Crashers is available now! In this episode myself, HK and Bartlett discuss some quick leaks and announcements (like where the fuck is that Nintendo Switch Pro?) but then dive right into the reason for the season — E3. And we decided that rather than just listing off a bunch of predictions for the event (since we basically did that on the last two episodes) that we would spice things up and turn E3 into some sort of fantasy draft where we pick games that we think we’ll see, and then make a prediction about what we’ll learn about each of them.

Essentially, we made a list of 69 games (nice) to draft from and each game is worth two points — one point if the game is simply shown at any of the E3 or Summer Game Fest showcases and another point if you nail your “extension” which is essentially your one prediction about that game. It can be anything from a release date to the color shirt the main protagonist is wearing — as long as it’s specific, not too vague and able to be clearly awarded by the end of the week, it counts.

It’s a wild one and we’ll probably do it every year from here on out — so enjoy!

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