Why I Think Game Pass Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Fall | Rosemary Aggregate

Let me feed you baby birds on just why I think that this Fall is the perfect time to unleash this monstrous partnership.

Every single week we hear some sort of rumbling on Twitter or elsewhere not the internet about two very specific things -- the idea of Game Pass coming to the Nintendo Switch and the possibility of a Pro model of the Nintendo Switch hardware. Personally, I don't think these two rumors being so longstanding and parallel with each other is without reason -- I think it's because they completely co-exist and are waiting on the sideline to be let into the world with their fingers laced.

Check out my latest opinion piece over on our YouTube channel to find out why I think this is all happening this Fall -- unless there are any delays, because, well, COVID and shit.

Watch Now: https://youtu.be/TsU2JJ-2MYE